Sonnet #240

Everyone I know and love, and everything I need

Exists upon an eggshell, hung by a handshake

as light as a feather; sewn needle and thread

is some landscape cross-stitched at best, that bleeds

in mud patches and most of it is water what’s left

is all weeds, a few parking lot moonscapes lean

a few cities together where we think there’s hem and heft

Except a single breath could wash this eggshell clean

Of all we know of living things in all the darkness —


Bees dance to guide to flowers; we dance directions, too

But our maps are of interiors deep and warm and blessed

Let me guide you into darkness, where my darkness blooms

Let’s work a dance to skylines dark and vast and yet unknown

Where eggshells upon eggshells can be reborn into our homes

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