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Sonnet #247

I will fail again, I know this, so will you,

We’ll fail at what’s important and what we need

We’ll fail also at what matters little, and we’ll bleed

for those tiny things. We’ll fail, and fail, and be blue

I nearly killed three birds: I thought their nest

was empty in the attic vent, it was not, and their

faint chirps for two days felt like echoes, there

where so many birdsongs echo, until they pressed

against the new metal screen, sad and desperate

Fledglings ready to fly, but trapped, they had hid

While we had reached into the corners, nest despots

Yanking all the down and straw away. We did.

We did. We monsters stapled metal, and it’s hot

I failed the birds. I cut them free. I hope they live.

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Sonnet #246

I heard some word that God won’t give

a weight to you that you can’t carry;

I don’t believe it. With crap like this, be wary –

It’s the thing that people say who give

A little more weight, a little more

Just one more piece, until the straw

Is made of heavy iron and they hem and haw

at you, blame you for your pain and sores;

A camel can’t pass through the eye of a needle

Unless its crushed under the weight of god –

He smashes you down, with help from the Beadle

to smash you down more, more weight, more rod

cracked hard upon His errant child, God will wheedle

You can carry what I give. I know better. Be awed.

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Sonnet #245

We call it a moment but it is all movement

We are always dancing to a song we might not hear

Of storms blowing through, of leaves curling up

Of insects cracking through their own shells

We call it a moment, this picture of movement

Held Still, smile for the camera, if you can hear

The click of light remembering how we lift up

And lift each other up get fat get thin – the shell

Of us is always changing, we are in movement

Pass between each others’ hands and listen, hear

The way we sing for each other as we speak up

At a cosmic sky we point our children to the shell

Of earth and sky and claim dominion here as if a moment

As if a permanent domain, but we are in movement

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Sonnet #243

“What was my face before I was born?”
My galaxy was neither born nor is it done
Swirling into some final dance of bright suns
Still, considering how these things are worn
At some point, yes, my galaxy was born
To answer the question, and think of the truth
A poppy seed, once, was stuck in a tooth
Inside the seed was everything, everything! Torn
Burst, busted, blown up, kablooey; Before this
My galaxy’s face was a pressure plate
A condensed kineticism smashed into a hiss
But before this? Before this? Can I make
any sense of what was born before this?
And before that? Before all my shiver and quake?

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Faith is a Fine Invention

We talk of god the way we talk of godfathers
I sinned against Your amorphous will
It’s my fault.
I am lucky and grateful You only hurt me to here
And decided against what I deserve
How kind You are to hurt me
To correct what You would deem unworthy

And the interest rate builds up
The points on this loan of life

We talk as if grace is a mercy upon the unworthy

If faith is a burning flame
If faith finds us in our hollow places
If faith cannot be negotiated or moved
If faith can be the one that moves

The icon of negotiation, of points accumulated
Of angels with their protection racket over prayers

Perhaps God walks like a devil, dresses sharp, takes payment weekly to protect
In prayers and papers

Or perhaps we speak the devils work upon ourselves
And call it heavens’ kings

Instead consider fire in a hollow place
The light will fill us up
The shadows on the walls are just the shape
Of us.

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Sonnet #244

Alas the money runs away along the path

Where clever men set snares for money
And wicked men will club and take in wrath
And we all need the money, chase the money
We must follow and shout and grab
Money is a misty ghost with eight long legs
It moves like water through the labs
Where pipes arrange the faucets and plugs
But once upon the ground so swift
The money runs down hills and melts
Into the air itself, and seeps into the snowdrifts
We chase the money, grab for money, feeling felt
And dissipation auguries and screaming in the wind
Where did all the money run? We lost it all; money wins

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