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Sonnet #256

I think I know what comes next for you,

You’ll lie awake at night, exhausted, unrested,

Dreaming of a world you can control at its best

And seeing around you all the shoestring and glue

That keeps a day together for you and yours

The signs all point to glory: ads sell beauty, grace

A pathway to material expression, all friends’ faces

smile in pictures where they give you tours

of lives best lived, and late at night the trembling

comes, the fears of work and unwork, the horror

of the next interactions with your own dissembling

I know – I know – I know that sleep’s a tremor

Passing in shadows, where dreams do no mending,

I say: Abandon These Dreams. Hope, Love — these feed no terrors.

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Sonnet #255

Things that clean the skin and kill infections:
Salt and acid waters pouring out from inside skin
The sweat that drenches washes us from within
And sunlight dries the damp and mold, is our protection
And moving bodies flush the blood through stiff
The way we move, the hard or gentleness depends
Upon the manner of our frustrations and how well bends
Still it heals, it all heals, all this hard summer heft
I have a stump in back and when I am sickly take the axe
In all weather, I take the mattock and dig and churn
It is not so mighty of a stump but it still grows back
And racing roots I work to break the deepness and spurn
Where all roots spread, to haul it up from earth, my back
Cracks where the metal hits the tree, it heals — I burn.

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Sonnet #254

Flow like water, In your life, be water, say the wise

Where I live rich men drain the aquifer
They reroute rivers and bottle up water
From the delicate places, wrap in plastic fly
It over land in huge trucks, or sell water rights to cities
Desalinate for cities, huge, impossible palaces
Cool and soft in hard, dry places, crowded offices
Pull water in pipes up, fountains, green grass, pretty
Where ten miles out the sand blows like Ozymandias
Waiting out the rich men and their water, all that water
Water everywhere, and all of it to drink, our land of this
Rerouted stuff, to reach a limit.
Flow like water
Say the wise, let life’s flow pour like water, towards the rich
Pour into their labor forces and desert mortgages: don’t resist.

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