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Shamelessly, I Direct You Towards My eBooks Because I Know People Be Getting Them Some Nooks and Kindles.

Merry Christmas, Kwanzaaa, Chanukkah, Festivus, etc.!

Santa Claus, and his various and diverse cast of sidekicks and NPCs, are coming to town. They are, undoubtedly, carrying a lot of eReaders and Tablet devices along to drop at households all over the world.

So, just in case you happen to be one of those households, or if you happen to acquire a gift card for your favorite retailer and decide to look for something me-related regardless of format, I’d just like to point out that there are things available, and you could purchase them, read them, etc.

At Barnes & Noble, there are many things. Here’s a link with all the things:

There is even something I haven’t announced, yet, because I haven’t had two seconds to spare and put together the website for it… Nor do I particularly like the cover that’s on it, at the moment…

There’s an Amazon page with all sorts of stuff, too.

Also, if you just want the things I did for fun and experimental purposes as eBooks, there’s a Smashwords page with links to many formats:

So, that’s the shameless post where I am the selfish dude who demands your retail dollars.

It’s an American Christmas Tradition.

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Shamelessly Shambling Towards Word of Mouth

I’m going to be pretty shameless for a little while on Facebook and Twitter, so feel free to zone me out a while if you feel like you don’t want to hear me going on about things one could buy.

There’s a reason for this, and maybe it will all become clear here at the blog someday in the next few months, though it isn’t really a professional goal so much as it is a personal thing that we’re trying to accomplish with the aid of slightly better revenue. In the mean time, please consider posting reviews of things, even if your review is “I really liked this” with a link to a project at IndieBound or Amazon or Whatever. Like this: <-I really liked this! In particular, I hope that folks can point out the books that are out with what we're all calling "traditional" publishers, these days, though it is as meaningless a term as calling them all purple-trout-baboon publishers.

So, the shameless self-promotion will be ramped up a bit around these parts. If there’s anything you feel comfortable doing to help, I’d appreciate it.

That is all.

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